1000 Free Ice-Creams on His Birthday

By April 4, 2018Pledges

I was at ICA to renew my passport and saw a long queue at the ice-cream near the MRT entrance. It was a really hot day and I thought an ice-cream would be great to cool off. When I got near, I saw a hand-written sign saying that it’s the ice-cream uncle’s birthday and he is giving away 1000 free ice-creams!

Wow! That’s an awesome gesture and to me it’s a sign of his passion for the business. It never crossed my mind to take his picture but I’m glad someone else did and shared his kind act on social media. I hope he received more than a 1000 birthday wishes.

I’m making a pledge to support his business whenever I’m in the area. Well, I’m due to go collect my passport at ICA and I am going to get some ice-cream!

Thank you, Uncle Jimmy!

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